Transaction Group Data in Perspective Chart

Hello All,

Just a quick question: is there an easy way to trend transaction group data (regular time series data) in perspective?
I mean something like the easy chart for vision.


V8.1 has the Perspective Power Chart

Just Setup a History Tag Provider using ‘DB Table Historian’ type and point it to your DB with the tables created by the Transaction groups.

Have a play…

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Thanks I managed to get my data into power chart tag browser.

However, charting a tag doesn’t seem to work.
Data is definitely in my database table.
Additionally, the [timestampColumnName] is not automatically being defined despite the table using the default t_stamp column.

I’ll look into this further, hopefully this isn’t a bug.

One thing to check… Make sure that the t_stamp column is the first column returned from your query. That order is important for the chart to accurately display data.

Thanks for the message.
How do you change that?

I am using MySQL.

Below is a screen shot of my power chart:

It would be in the query you have setup to build the table in MySQL that you’re using to create your DB historian.

I used a transaction group to make my table initially so you’d hope it set the table up properly to work within Ignition itself.

The power chart is still not working when I manually make the table in the workbench with just a t_stamp and index column, then adding a data column with a transaction group.

Power Chart GUI:

My database table:


What format must the t_stamp be?
I am currently using the inbuilt DateTime datatype.


That certainly looks correct. I’d take a peek at the gateway logs and also the browser console and see if anything jumps out at you. If there’s nothing obvious in the logs/console, you can DM me a data export of the above image and I can try it out on my side.

I have just finished a support call and I was directed to use a timeseries chart with named queries.

The following video clearly show what I am trying to archive:

Maybe this is a bug?

Apparently started fine:

State is unknown for some reason:

I got to the bottom of this.
You cannot use the perspective power chart without the tag historian module.

Maybe it should be renamed to: “tag historian power chart”.


Yes, that is certainly a prerequisite to using that component. All queries for data are done via the tag historian. If that dependency isn’t listed on the docs site, I will forward along a request to add it.

Edit: Just checked; we’re good to go on the docs site.