Transaction group data loss when connection faulted between Central server with Edge server

how can I sync data using transaction group?

My Edge server is connected with central Ignition server via Remote Tag Provider and transaction group running on central server but when connection faulted I got data skip in Production Reports.

I am also using data sync services on Edge gateway

Can you suggest in this scenario what should I do?

In a normal spoke, the transaction group would run on the spoke and the spoke’s store and forward system would buffer the data during the broken connection. Edge doesn’t support transaction groups because it doesn’t allow DB connections, so that is not available to you. Edge only supports recording and forwarding through its Tag Historian. I can think of some possible ways to address this:

  1. Switch to the Tag Historian.
  2. Upgrade Edge to a full Ignition Spoke, with the SQL Bridge module.
  3. Switch the Tag Historian and write complicated scripts to backfill what would have been your transaction group tables from raw queries of the central historian.