Transaction Group DB to DB

Hi guys,

I’m facing a design situation that I don’t know how to solve. We are using a device that collect info from remote sensors on a regular basis and then transmit the info to a mysql DB using it’s own software solution. Some times when the communications fails the device store the info locally to send it latter as soon as the communication is re-established.
What we want to do is read the info from the device DB, process it and then insert into ignition’s DB, and we would like to doit using a TG, the main problem is that some times we will need to read more than one row at the same time, therefore we will need to know which was the last row read.
This is basically the problem and I can’t figure it out a way to implement a solution using TG. I will really appreciate if you could shed light on this issue.


I spoke with support and apparently there is no way to do what I want using TG. Right now I’m writing and script to pull data from one DB and push it into the other, this is going to be the final solution.