Transaction group duplicate row caused from online edits

I’ve had an issue using transaction groups for as long as I can remember, and it looks like it’s caused from online edits in Logix. I have a transaction group that inserts a new row when a trigger changes (only execute once and prevent on group start). The trigger is an integer/count. I have noticed that on occasion, not very often, I will see duplicate rows, the only difference in data is the id (primary key). It seems like this happens when I make online edits in Logix (L81 v32). I have actually been fighting this for a while and think this is the root cause. The group execution is slow, 1 second.

Anyone else see this?

Changing OPC Data Mode under advanced settings fixed this issue for me.

FYI, I store data into a FIFO/buffer and then unload when I can. Normally, once data enters the FIFO it is immediately unloaded. However, it’s interesting to watch whenever I make an online edit, the buffer will start to fill up (probably 5-8 events), then recover about 10 seconds later. I’m assuming something with the driver and subscribing to tags? Even with automatic browse turned off in the driver I still had issues.

At any rate, glad this fixed it for me.