Transaction Group executes twice, even though OPC value changes once


I have a Transaction Group which executes twice, even though the trigger is set to a OPC value which only changed once. This results in a duplicate insert in the database

Here is what I already did :

  • Transaction Group Execution Scheduling (1s): I increased to 2s instead of 1s but not better
  • Tag Group Rate (1s): I reduced to 500ms instead of 1s but not better
  • the device itself: simulator, OPC, no visible duplicate change on the value/timestamp/quality

Now I'm suspecting something with the Latched/Source values :
is source value changing before execution/insert of the latched value ?

  • Is there a way to configure the latch time ?
  • Is there a way to force the trigger to execute once only ?
  • Any other idea to fix this issue please ?

For info, I'm using the following :
- Ignition 8.1.26 + MySQL8.0.22
- the template project "oee_downtime" in this exchange resource "Perspective Equipment Schedule" Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation

Thanks in advance

SQL duplicate inserts

Just to cover the bases...

Any project inheritance going on?
Any chance someone took a gateway backup or project export and restored it on their own system?

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Or, are there two transaction groups pointing to the same table?

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Indeed it was a project backup conflicting with the same transaction groups. That was basic.
Thanks @PGriffith and @JordanCClark !