Transaction Group Failure

I’m running a Historical Transaction group logging analog values to a table, it seems to run fine until I add certain tags, tags that I can’t see any difference in to the already logged tags. I get the attached error up.
It seemed to work for about 3 writes to the database with all tags but failed on the fourth write.
I’m running version 7.1.3.

Is there some difference in the source of the tag data? I would guess that the value is somehow becoming something that is incompatible with the type of the item- the error is showing an empty string, though I don’t know how much I believe this.

When the error occurs, what is the value of the item?

Also, perhaps exporting the group to XML and posting it here might help us track down what’s going on.


The transaction group XML file and tag export are attached. All the tags in the group are Modbus 32 Bit Real values read from the same source. It only seems to be Parameter 11 and 27 that seem to cause problems.
sqltags.csv (313 KB)
DataForReports.xml (10.6 KB)

Ok, so the configuration looks more or less OK.

In looking into that error from SQL Server, it appears to be coming from the validation of the parameters at the database level. We’ll have to try to be a bit more analytical:

  1. Is there anything particularly different about the value of those items? Are the values very big or small?

  2. Are the parameters defined as “real” in the stored procedure? (I’m just trying to figure out at which level it’s trying to convert it to that)

  3. Do the errors occur each time the group executes, or only the first time, when the values haven’t come through yet?

  4. If you try changing the data type on the items in the group to Double, does that change anything? (Note: just on the group items, not the actual sqltags).