Transaction group handshake fired too early


I created a transaction group that will write a row on a database and when the row is inserted it has to call a store procedure that influence also that row.
What I did is to use the handshake of the trasaction group as trigger or the store procedure transaction group.

The problem is that the handhake is set to 1 (result ok) BEFORE the insert is commited and the store procedures runs BEFORE the insert as well. After the store procedure is finished I can see the new row in the database. I need that the insert is done strictly before the store procedure calling since it will use the new inserted row.
How can I solve this?

Thank you


I suspect the delay is due to the store and forward engine. On the group, on the options tab, try selecting “Bypass Store and Forward Engine” and see if that helps. Unfortunately, in a case like this, you won’t be able to use the SF engine, as there’s no way to be notified when the row is actually inserted.

The other route to go down would be to look into using a trigger on the db table itself. This would be configured purely in the DB, but you could fairly easily set up a trigger to run a stored procedure any time a row was inserted.