Transaction Group Handshake Meaning

What, specifically, do the “success” and “failure” handshakes mean in a transaction group? And are they configurable?

I’ve got a transaction group I’m using to return a string value based on a code I give it.

So it’s using a select query and finding the message associated with the given code in a SQL table.
When I give it a code that doesn’t exist in the table, the handshake returns success but doesn’t write any value to my string tag. This is not ideal behavior, as I’d at least want it to return an empty string. And if not, to return a failure handshake.

I can always write this in script form with a named query, but it would be nice to use the transaction group.

They are basically success or failure of the query. A SELECT returning no rows isn’t an error. /:

I use a script when I need real handshaking.

I agree that it’s not an error but I’d argue that it is a failure. It sounds like I can’t change the failure criteria of a transaction group, though.

But since it’s not considered a failure, I am surprised that a select query that returns empty doesn’t at least write an empty string/zero/null values to the tags that I have linked to columns.

Isn’t there an option for writing nulls? Not at computer to verify.

Set NULL DB values to default, yes.

It didn’t seem to work for us.

I’m not sure if it technically returns null or just an empty table.

Try disabling the store and forward system for the group.

Has this been solved? Im having the same issue. Id like to receive some notice if the transaction does not find corelating data in the database.

i added a sgl query as a triggered expression to the Transaction Group. I counted the database for the recipe number. if its there is shows a 1. if its not there it shows a 0. same as a handshake that tells me if the recipe is there or not.

FROM TableName
WHERE Column = ‘RecipeNumber’