Transaction group Hour and Event meter

I’ve been messing around with these two for past hour, I watched all the videos so I understand what’s going on, just for some reason I can’t get it working the way I want.

So I have Boolean tag that’s used to show fault(1 line faulted 0 not faulted), I’m trying to count the amount of time that line was faulted and the counting part works fine but I’m stuck in the timer part, when the fault bit comes on everything is great, I see that counter counting in the Basic OPC/Group Items and when I turn it off the timer goes to zero which is fine since I want to know that length of each 1 to 0 separately.
The problem is the group can’t grab that timer value fast enough, it always grabs zero. Any suggestions? I tried the retentive options and that one works, it’s put in the DB fine but I don’t need to total time, just the time from when the fault happens to when it goes off. I also tried different setting on the trigger window as far as trigger conditions and nothing helped… I’d appreciate any suggestions. I’m using version 7.8.2