Transaction Group ID

Hi guys,
working on a project with the release 7.9.6,

I’m trying to let the transaction group create a database table,

I noticed that even if I take off the “use custom index column”, Ignition still create the index column.

Is there any way to exclude the index column at all ?

No. But if you turn that checkbox back off after the table is created, you can delete that index column manually. Be sure to manually set up a different primary key, or performance will suck.

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Ok thanks.

What i was looking for was to load a dataset from a sql query and then bind this dataset to a table and a chart.

The problem is that the chart require a dataset where the first column is a DATETIME, so for simplicity I was trying to let the transaction group create a table built like this, whit no ID and whit a first column as DATETIME.

At this point i recon that the only reason it will be to filter my column within the sql code.

Thanks for your time.