Transaction Group Import

I am developing with Ignition version 7.7.4: I created a transaction group and I exported it into a .proj file. When I imported it into my customer’s project, the transaction group does not show up in the project browser, BUT the system thinks it is there because I cannot create a another group with that name. The customer is using version 7.6.4.

NOTE: I was able to import using an XML file and the transaction group shows up but it renames the group automatically because it thinks it already exists.

First of all: It appears you cannot successfully import transaction groups using a .proj file from 7.7.4 to 7.6.4

Main Question: How do I delete the transaction groups that imported and I cannot see in my project browser?


I was able to delete the 2 invisible transaction groups using the advanced console and deleting the appropriate 2 rows in the project_resources table.