Transaction group is entering duplicate rows in table

I have a few transaction groups that are supposed to be running once per day. This table is used in some custom reports. But 5 or 6 times a month I find duplicate entries in the table.

I have the transaction group setup to run once per day. It does this by having the “Excecution Scheduling” set to timer at 1 second intervals. There is a “Run-Always Expression Items” trigger that is an expression and checks to see if the current time is within the 3 a.m. hour and if it is then evaluates to true. Within the Trigger tab of the transaction group I have the “Only execute once while trigger is active” option checked. As I understand it this should cause it to execute once a day within the 3 a.m. hour. But I’m still getting duplicate rows in the table every so often.

I can’t seem to find the circumstance that causes the duplicates. I wonder if it happens when the gateway is restarted. Most of the time there is also a 3rd entry for the same timestamp in the table where everything except the timestamp is null. It would look something like this…

See below for settings for the transaction group.


Is there any reason you didn’t just use the “Schedule” option (instead of Timer) and have it run at 3am (with no repeat)?

No reason that I can think of. But I’m not the one that set it up. Most of our transaction groups are setup this way. I don’t know why we don’t use the schedule instead of a timer. I assumed perhaps there is a glitch or something this method avoids.

This particular client is running 7.9.13