Transaction Group Items Overwritten

I’ve found a bug in the SQL Bridge module. I am running Ignition 7.1.6(b5739) for 64 bit linux.

Assume you have multiple transaction groups of any type configured with some items. The groups can be currently enabled/disabled/save pending,etc. Select multiple groups at once, right click, and select new item. It doesn’t matter if it’s an OPC, expression, or SQLTag item. Click OK on the new item dialog. Each group selected will lose all of its items and simply have the newly created item. I would expect each group to have the new item added to the bottom of their respective item lists.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about my environment or the steps necessary to reproduce this behavior.



PS - If anyone ever loses work due to a bug (I saved before I realized this happened!) or perhaps just from a mistake-and-save using the designer, don’t forget the autobackup folder under [install dir] -> contexts -> main -> db -> autobackup. I was able to use these files to get right back to where I started.

Thanks for posting this. The main bug is that it allows you to click “new item” with multiple groups selected- that should not currently be possible (though it’s not a bad idea for a feature, it’s just not set up for that right now).

And yes, it’s important to keep the autobackups in mind in case anything big happens.