Transaction group logs old values after demo restart

I just noticed a problem with a transaction group logging old values. It seems to happen only when the demo period is reset, but it would be nice if someone could check this and confirm it will not affect licensed systems.

I configured a standard group to use a trigger on value change. The group works as expected until the demo period is restarted. After the restart the group logs two values on every execution, once the correct value and a second value from the time the demo was reset.

Ignition version is 7.5.6.

group.xml (1.23 KB)

Just did a few additional tests, and this seems to happen also when switching the active node in a redundant configuration (its hard to reproduce, redundancy does not work very good in the trial version). When the backup node becomes active it permanently logs an old value from the last time the master got active.
It seems this happens when the SQL Bridge module is internally deactivated.


While this is happening, could you take a screen shot (or maybe save the page, copy/paste, whatever) the “Console>Execution”, under the “Private Exec. Engine “fsql”” section, and get a thread dump? My quick attempt to replicate this didn’t result in anything, and then problem seems a little strange- your group is set to trigger on change, and yet your value isn’t changing.

If this is easy for you to replicate, could you perhaps try one more thing: on the “options” tab of the group, turn on “bypass store and forward”.

Finally, this didn’t happen to start after your restarted the module, as described in the other thread, did it?



i can replicate this quite easy on a non licensed dev system by simply expiring the trial and resetting it. Every time i do this, the group starts logging an extra value. I assume that this is the same problem as in a redundant config, but it is easier to replicate this way.

The value is changing, that’s every second line in the result record. It just logs an additional old value with every trigger.

The execution looks normal to me.

When i disable store&forward, it still happens but logs null values. In this screenshot i restartet the trial period 3 times, so in addition to the changed value, three null rows are logged.

No, restarting the module (or disabling and enabling the group) fixes the problem.
thread-dump.txt (62.7 KB)

I have also noticed that on my non licensed system.
It’s really happening when you reset the trial… (v7.5.6)


Thanks, I’ve tracked it down. It would happen any time a running group was stopped by the system (not by the user) and then started again, so on demo or redundancy start/stop. Stopping the group in the designer and restarting it should clear out the problem, as that causes the full group to be reloaded in the gateway. This will be fixed for the next 7.5.7 beta, though.