Transaction group migration from factorysql to ignition 7.8.4

Is there any easier way to migrate transaction groups from FactorySQL to ignition 7.8.4
Currently, I found out that, factorySQL only export transaction groups in.CSV format and ignition 7.8.4 imports transaction groups in either binary or XML format.

I didn’t found any fastest way of doing so, I started migrating transaction groups one by one manually.
But since the groups are in large numbers (around 400 with additional block groups having more than 20 tags in each) it will consume much time to do so.

Take one of the transaction groups you’ve converted manually and export it as XML. Compare it against the original CSV to produce a python or PHP script that will produce that XML from the CSV content. Prepare a loop that reads the CSV and spits out the XML to import.

Thanks for the reply @pturmel ,i will try the resolution suggested by you.

You can restore a full backup (rather than an individual group export) from FactorySQL into any Ignition version; go to Configure → Backup/Restore → Legacy Upgrade:

In ignition some of the transaction groups are already running … and most importantly, we cant shutdown the ignition even for few seconds since it is playing an important role in the plant architecture which is running 24/7.

Then install a local copy of Ignition that’s not connected to any databases, restore the FSQL backup, and export the groups from that instance so that you can import them to the main server.

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