Transaction Group not resetting trigger

Hi All,
I’ve been deploying on ignition vision for work and decided to play around with the maker edition to get a handle on the perspective module, as well as do something around the house.

I’m trying to get a transaction to the database to work - without success. The transaction itself is working but the function to reset the trigger is not working.

I’m using a standard transaction group with 4 tags - one of which is writing to the database, the other 3 make up the fail/success bits and the trigger; all of which are set to read only as the target. The transaction is set as ‘opc to db’.

Anyone successfully managed to do this in the maker edition? I have a similar setup running in vision on a full blown version of ignition so i know it should -theoretically- work.


I’m not sure about Maker, but in 7.9 you can’t have the trigger be read only if you want to reset it. I’m using a CTU that when it’s at 2 I trigger the transaction group, and the reset sets it back to 1 in the plc.