Transaction Group Pause Tag?


I recently had a slight problem in which I somehow managed to pause all of our transaction groups, and lost about an hours worth of our history. It’s not a huge deal that we lost an hour worth of data by itself, but it could have been a bigger problem if had gone for a longer amount of time.

The only reason we noticed that they were paused was that we had another alert go off that we tried to look at the historic data for, and noticed that it hadn’t updated for an hour or so.

I have since set an alert to go off if we lose connection to the database (Through the System->Gateway->Database->fsql->Available tag), but this doesn’t tell me if I have groups paused. Is there anyway through a DB tag or similar to tell which groups are paused? I was thinking about maybe making some tags based on the most recent time stamp for each table, but that may not work as we have some Transaction Groups which only evaluate if the value has changed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to see paused transaction groups in the Ignition Gateway status web page.

Hi Travis,

I am able to see which groups are paused on both the Ignition Gateway as well as the Ignition Designer. What I would like is a way to access the true/false value in a database table or as a SQL tag so that I can display an alert if one of them is paused. Is this possible?

Thank you.

Could you just do a watchdog in the plc and have the transaction group zero it using the handshaking mechanism?

We don’t have any scripting functions or tags that give you the status of each transaction group. You can do what gbuehler recommended by writing to a tag.