Transaction group pulling false information from SQL Database

Hi guys, please help me figure out why my transaction group keeps receiving false information from the database.
I set up a transaction group to transfer data from SQL database to PLC tags. When the trigger executes, we use a spec number to look for all information related to this spec number and send the info to the transaction group tags, which then transfer to PLC tags. Out of 70 tags, there are two binary tags with similar names (CommandHorizontal and Command Vertical). Every once in a while, the information of these tags, after the trigger executes, does not match with the information from the database.

For example:
_ SQL database: CommandHorizontal == 0, CommandVerical ==1
_ Transaction Group: CommandHorizontal ==1, CommandVertical ==0

I attached some pictures of the Action setting and Trigger setting

I'd say the issue is trying to run it at 50ms if you trigger before other tags have updated, then you have a race condition, especially if the update rate on SpecNumber is slower than your transaction group.