Transaction Group Read Only Problem

Hey guys,

I think I found a problem with the transaction block group. I have one block item that is really just a trigger and another that has the data that I want to write to the database. I set the trigger group to “Read Only” but it still tries to write that column to the database and throws up an error that the column name already exists. You can see in the picture below that the column name “Product Number” is grayed out but it is still trying to write this group item to the product number column and giving the error below.

The only way I can get the transaction group to work properly is if I actually write that column to the database, not a big deal but FYI for someone to look at. Thanks!

Hmm, yeah, we’ll have to look at that.

And, I suppose you’re using it for the “async trigger” (on change) option, because otherwise you can’t really use block items for triggers. You would use an accessory opc item instead. Is that right?


That’s correct, I’m looking for any change in the transaction count block item as a trigger. It works great as long as I pick database column for target type.

Ok, I’ve tracked it down. Sadly, not in time for the fix to make it into 7.2.9, but it will be in 7.3. In the mean time, you’ll just have to let it write to the column.


No problem, I’m fine with that. Just thought you’d like to know :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for looking into it!