Transaction Group Repeated Entries


Is it normal for transaction groups to make repeated entries when doing a time-based schedule and a trigger condition?

For example, see the below video around the 1:25 mark. Every time the transaction group executed to database rows are added.

The schedule indicates when the group will run. The trigger determines whether it will actually do anything once it runs.

Transaction groups aren’t actually “triggered” by the trigger - they’re just polling; either at a continuous rate, or on a schedule. So if you have a group scheduled every 1s, and leave the ‘trigger’ tag on, then you’ll continue to get more records into the database every 1s. Or, inversely, if you have scheduled executions every 1 hour, and your trigger tag goes active in the middle of that hour span, nothing will be logged. That’s why the handshake settings for transaction groups are very important.

I think that I’m following you. I’m wondering why I’m getting multiple entries into the database every 10 seconds (the group is schedule to run on a 10s interval). I would have assumed that it would just write a single row into the database with the snapshot of values at that 10s interval (assuming the trigger is active).

Instead, it looks somethign like this, where there are identical rows or almost identical rows.

If you want help trying to figure out whats going on you would need to share how your transaction group is set up. Seeing that your getting multiple entries but not knowing how your have any of it configured makes it impossible to attempt to tell you what you need to change to fix it. The more detail(code, screenshots, ect.) you can provide the better chance that someone will be able to give you an idea where to look.

The behavior is happening in the training video:

Where are you defining the transaction group - in an inheritable project, like global (if you upgraded from 7.9)? Does it have multiple “child” projects?

I’m observing the same behavior happening in the previously linked Ignition training video.

As for my project, there’s nothing fancy with the transaction group. Simple project, v8.0.5.

Pointing to the video still doesn’t say how yours is configured. How yours is specifically configured may show why. In the video the transaction group is doing what its supposed to. They have it set to continuously trigger when the trigger item meets certain conditions. So every second it makes a new entry. If they checked “Only execute once while trigger is active” then it should only make one entry per trigger.

Just a word of advice when asking for help on here, I wouldn’t point people to a video, most people that are on here replying, are trying to help but do not work directly for inductive. The more info you can provide about your specific case, that can be looked a quickly, the more likely you are to get a useful reply. Most of the time when I see someone post a link to a video and say its like that, I just move on because I’m not going to take the time to watch a video to see how something is set up, especially if its not a video of yours specifically. I jump in to post replies to help when I have the time to but its normally a limited time I have to look at whats here and do a reply.