Transaction Group&SQL Tag Metadate

in SQLtag i edit metadata for float tag but when i add this tag to Trans.Group the value of this tag still same as per appear in OPC Tag
for example Value in OPC is 7.112 in SQL after edit in metadata is 7.1 in Transc.Grop still 7.112. How can i keep the value in trans.Group same as SQLTAG.

The tag values in the transaction group does not follow the same formatting as the tag’s metadata. So what you can do if you want the same formatting as your metadata in your transaction group is to pass the value of the tag in the transaction group through a triggered expression. You can do this by creating a new expression item in your transaction group and in your expression use the numberFormat function. The numberFormat function takes in two parameters, the tag path and the format string as you had in the metadata. so the expression will look something like this:

tofloat(numberFormat({[~]Refrigeration/ambientHum}, ‘#,##0.#’))

you will then need to set the target name of your the tag that you are getting value from to Read Only and set the target name of the expression trigger to the tag you want to format. that should format the value of the tag in your transaction group to 1 decimal place.