Transaction Group Status

Where can I find what these Icons mean? I have looked all over the manual.

They can mean a number of things. It typically means there is an error or warning of some sort in your transaction, but not one severe enough to cause the transaction to completely fail.

Look at the events tab, and you should be able to see a bit more information.

Under the event tab is just say “Group State Changed to Warned” but gives me no reason as to why.

No other rows listed? Try double clicking on the warning and see if an info box appears.

When I double click on the row a message box does appear but it says the same thing"Group State Changed to Warned"

Is there someplace in the manual that tells me what each status might mean?

Still having issues with this “Transaction Group”. So let me recap the problem.

This group is triggered every 30 minutes, and it’s suppose to write to the database about 28 columns of MQTT Tag data.

Now it does write to the Database every 30 minutes - it’s just that sometimes it will write all NULLS or it may write 2 columns or 5 columns or maybe 10 columns.

I just wonder if I should break this down into smaller groups let’s say 4 or 6 and offset the trigger a few minutes of each other?

Still open for suggestions.


Nobody has any thoughts? All of the other Transaction Groups that I have seem to be working as they should. (But this is the only one that needs to write 28 columns with each trigger)

Without seeing the system live it is hard to say. There are quite a few conditions to what might cause a warning state, and I don’t now if they are listed anywhere in particular.

Easiest way would be to contact support and see if they can remote in, but here are a few more things to check.

Check your gateway logs to see if there are any relevant messages to your transaction group.

If using a trial, make sure trial is reset.

Check store and forward to see if anything is stuck in there. That may point you to something happening behind the scenes.

Scroll through your transactions and make sure there aren’t duplicate targets Name

Thanks for you time and suggestions!