Transaction Group Stops Recording No Edits

Ignition 8.0.14

Hi all. I had a mysterious issue occur where a transaction group ceased recording data somewhat randomly. I can confirm that the transaction group was working prior, and that no one on my team made edits to the transaction group at the time. It is set up in MSSQL in a table which has an auto incrementing identity column (used many times with no issues), however when I went to look at the messages on the transaction group all I found was an error saying I was missing a required column which is Ignition’s custom index column that apparently it was trying to record to the database (see screenshots of messages and group configuration below). All I did to get the group to work again was to disable the group, save, re-enable the group, save again. After this and no other changes the group started working again. Any ideas? Thanks!

Was the column actually missing?

No. I have a column ‘Idx’ that MSSQL auto increments as a new record is added. In the images I posted you can see in the configuration I am not telling IG to use its custom index column, but in the messages you can see that it is saying that the custom index column is missing.

I could be wrong, but if you want the column to be Idx, then that is custom and you should check the box, otherwise it will use the column you see grayed out and what was defined in the error.

I am not the most knowledgeable on the topic, but I can tell you that it will not insert an index in any column if you don’t select the custom tick box and the MSSQL will insert its own auto-incremented index the way I have it setup (this is how I have all mine setup and has been working for a long time on quite a few transaction groups). This worked both before and after the issue I had.