Transaction group stored procedure read timeout


I created a stored procedure transaction group to run a sp that takes about 5 minutes to execute.
After 60 second the transaction group goes in error with “read timeout”

java.lang.RuntimeException: Read timed out

I tried to modify the properties in the SQL Server in the connection section and in the project properties

How can I run this stored procedure without having the timeout after 60 seconds?

thank you

Consider running it in the gateway, not from a Vision Client, and using sendMessage to report the results to clients that need it.

I did not get your answer, the transaction group is scheduled to run at night, but today I found this error. I checked and the reason is the execution time of the stored procedure. So even I launch it from the vision client or I close it and let it run with the given schedule, I still get the same error.

Can you give me some more details?