Transaction Group Target Name misbehavior

I am using postgresql as my sql backend for my transaction groups. When I drag some tags in to be read into a transaction group, it automatically makes the tag name the target name for the column. This should be fine, however, because postgres by default lower-cases any columns that are not explicitly quoted, this means that any tag I have with a name like XY_voltage gets translated to xy_voltage and throws errors.

Is this a known issue? Is there a solution other than never using capitals in my tag names or manually lower-casing all of the "target" columns for my transaction groups?

I just updated from 8.1.31 to 8.1.41. Now I see that the Target Name is showing the same as the Item Name field, regardless what the popup menu's "Target Name" says. Considering this Transaction Group doesn't seem to have any entries making it into the db, while throwing no errors, and claiming everything is writing successfully, I am a bit stumped here.