Transaction Group - Timing of first record

I have a Transaction group set up and it is logging data to SQL table when a Boolean value is true every 1 minute and stops logging when the tag goes false. Works fine. The problem is that I want the Boolean tag to be on for a minute before the data gets logged. As it is, regardless of when the tag goes true, the first record is logged at hh:mm:37 seconds and then every minute after that not necessarily 1 minute after the tag went true.

How do I configure the transaction group to log the data exactly (as exact as possible) one minute after the boolean tag goes true and then every minute after?


Off the top of my head since I don’t have the designer in front of me, but can you create an always executing boolean expression tag as your trigger and do something like:


This will be 1 if your tag is true plus 0==1 it will return true.

No, that does not do it, but thanks for replying.