Transaction group trigger not evaluated error

There have been a few related posts to stale trigger errors in the past, but nothing very recently.
I’m consistently getting error logs such as:

MicroMills_MM1_MM1_StickData 24May2017 13:32:28 Trigger did not evaluate - source item currently has bad quality [[0, Unknown, Wed May 24 13:32:22 NZST 2017]].

And i don’t really understand why. I have the groups all set to “Subscribe” mode. I kinda want it on “Read” but either way i’m still getting bad quality errors.

Any advice as to how to debug this further? The OPC connections seem fine for the tags in question.
Also, I am using block groups. And the items are dragged directly from OPC Browser because the items are arrays and i needed them in array format.

The strange thing is, when the trigger is actually activated, it seems to be running the group ok and saving to SQL table as expected.

After talking with support, this is apparently a bug with the Logger that is being fixed in the upcoming 7.9.4 release.