Transaction Group Trigger Period

I had been working with Tech support to get my logging to a SQL database problem resolved for a few days. We have finally found a solution that will work but it is in a roundabout way.

All I needed was to have a transaction group monitor the trigger every second but store data every 5 minutes while the trigger is true. Previously I had the execution timer set to 5 min. but we could lose up to 5 min of data each way from the trigger going true or false depending on when the last execution time checked the trigger.

The solution needed to have 5 extra tags per group to complete this with some expressions to monitor the current and past times the trigger was actually enabled. Customer is happy now but…

I would love to see an additional time entry on the trigger tab to log data off of the trigger time. If the time is left 0 it would function how the software is currently setup up, but if a time is entered it will only log to the database off of this time entry.