Transaction Group Update key/value pair -- never matches


I’m running into some issues with my transaction groups – they had been functioning as expected (v8.0.0->8.0.3), until moving the group to a new gateway (v8.0.3)… weird!

Essentially I am looking to log “delay” events into a DB, after a device’s speed has been at 0 for a predetermined amount of time…
The idea is to do “update” queries for my “end_ts” (with value of “now()”) while my trigger is active (update while matching the start_ts – which is the last timestamp of the “skipping” tag.

  • 0000L/Hoist/Skipping = a boolean tag (evaluates as true when the device speed is above a predefined threshold)
  • 0000L/Hoist/Skipping_Timestamp = a datetime tag that holds the timestamp/last change time of the tag mentioned above
  • 0000L/Hoist/Skipping_off_seconds = an hour meter tag that counts the seconds that “skipping” has been off
  • 0000L/Hoist/Skip_Stopped_Delay_Seconds = an integer (memory) tag that defines the seconds threshold for when a delay event should be triggered (see trigger def below)

I’ve got my trigger defined as:

And my SQL server automatically enters the id (sequential uniqueid/uuid) on insert.

Ideally I would match against the “id” that is returned on the insert operation… but don’t think that is possible with transaction groups, the way they currently function…

Once i moved this transaction group to a new ignition gateway – it started inserting new rows every second! (e.g. as if the match key/value pair was not working any longer)…

Has anyone experienced anything similar/have any ideas on how to best approach a solution?

Any ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.