Transaction Group Value Mode

Hopefully someone can point out what I’m missing here. I have a standard transaction group with 20 some OPC items just for a test and it was storing everything as I expected. I wanted to see what changing the “Value Mode” to Name would store and have only been getting NULLs in the database. As the manual states by changing it from value to Name it should just store the item name. Is there something else you have to change when you switch this over? I did go and drop the table from the database manually and had the transaction group create it again but still got a NULL.


Which property of the Tag you want to use.

  • Value - Item value
  • Quality - Quality code of the Tag (192 = GOOD_DATA)
  • Timestamp - The last time the item value changed
  • Name - The SQLBridge Item Name property of this Item.

@apgilber Apologies for the delay! Are you still seeing this issue?