Transaction group vs query tag - re: resource utilization

Hey folks,

I’ve got some general design / efficiency questions I’m hoping you may be able to help with.

We have several hundred tanks, each with identical tags, that we’re logging data on (not tag history). Each tank has about a dozen tags associated with it.

Previously we were using transaction groups, but shifted to a query tag included in the UDT (for ease of editing / control). My question has to do with the system overhead associated with both of these and other options (gateway event script?).

Is there a best practice or design consideration to be had when choosing between these methods?

7.9.2 (x64), 1.8.0_144

Much appreciated.

I am also wondering about this. What the trade-offs? Which is recommended when?

While I’ve not received a specific answer to this query, last consensus was that only updating when data had changed was optimal, using either a tag change script or a gateway script to manage it. Here’s the latest thread that touched these queries.