Transaction Group with query on Linked Server stops after 60 seconds


in our project we use a Transaction group that activate a Stored Procedure on DataBase to retrieve data using a query with linked server.
The Transaction Group operates until 60 seconds, and then stops with error “Read Timeout”.
TgPanelError ReadTimeOut
We tried using a simple stored procedure that waits 2 minutes, but it stops too. Here the detailed error.

We are using Ignition 8.0.12, Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 4.0.
This same configuration works on another server, with JDBC driver 4.2.

The fact that our query is blocked exactly at 60 secs is letting us guess that there is a timeout counter on queries; we have seen the “Read Timeout” in timing panel under the Project Properties, but we guess it’s a vision property, not connected to query timings.

How to let our Transaction group works over 60 seconds? It depends on the JDBC drivers? It depends on a Timeout setting? Or there’s another problem with the Transaction Group or the Stored Procedure?

Thanks in advance for your reply

We are not explicitly setting any query timeout, so it must be a function of the JDBC Driver you are using or the server you are connected to.

That’s correct, we upgrated our JDBC driver and it works!