Transaction Group working even after disabled

Hey guys, I am pretty much new with ignition. I am working with transaction group as part of my project and I am facing two issues recently.

First, I have a transaction group to log data in to a table in the event of a fault( fault and respective fault codes are given by PLC). My trigger is a OPC tag which I am using to monitor the status of the project(values updated by PLC as part of logic). When status is faulted I will log the fault code along with few other parameters like date serial number etc… According to my requirement I have also marked the option saying ‘Execute only once while trigger is active’. I am just trying to insert rows and not doing any update function with this group. But when I trigger the fault I am getting multiple entries in DB. The DB table has ID column which is auto incremental .

Second, for debugging I disabled the transaction group, but even after that the data’s are being logged in table. On checking I noticed a thing that on event section of transaction group I am not getting any updation / message saying group has been disabled. So I tried pausing the group, this time I got the event message but group continued to log data in case of trigger.

This used to work fine before with a single row entry, I believe we recently updated the Ignition to 8.1.9 from older one, after that we started noticing this issue.

You are saving the project after changing the enabled setting?

Yes, I am. In fact I exported the transaction grp, deleted it and re-imported backup to check whether its any kind of bug or not

@pturmel is there any ways to check it via some diagnostics or log threads etc…?

Do you have more TG on any project? I think your TG is replicated somewhere else (enabled), but I’m just guessing.

@jespinmartin1 Our project, its kind of Server-Client architecture, so same backup has been replicated with a different tag source for each backup. When adding tags that tag provider name will come in front as shown in the below pic