Transaction Group XML bug

Just ran across this in v7.9.0: Tag items in a standard transaction group where the item has been renamed from the default (the tag path) fail to re-import with the new item names after exporting. The export does have the correct item names in the XML. Not urgent, but I didn’t see anything like this in the v7.9.1 changelog. Will test v7.9.1 tomorrow.

Yep - this is a known issue, just hasn’t come to the top of the list yet. Binary export should preserve the custom item names if that’s a significant issue (although, obviously, that also removes the ability to edit the file directly).

When I set up new systems that don’t yet have all their tags assigned, I set up the transactions pointing at some dummy tags of the correct data type, with the desired target column names. Letting me get the database set up correctly and test the triggers. I recently had a bunch of these to do, so I was going to export, edit, and import (much faster!). But the dummy tags are shared, so you end up with duplicate item names. That breaks the group, preventing execution, and thereby preventing me from executing my evil plan. /-:
Could y’all bump it up the list? Pretty please?