Transaction Groups Attempting to Write to Missing Index Column

We’ve recently upgraded to version 8.1.0. In our implementation previously, the transaction groups didn’t have “use custom index column” selected, and the tables they were writing to also didn’t contain a column with the default name. This didn’t result in any errors, and the data recorded as expected (also, the tables do have indices, but they are not a single value recorded by the transaction groups). Now, in 8.1, this is causing warnings to be logged of the format:

Columns missing from table, and ‘create table’ option is not enabled. Missing columns: [<TABLE_NAME>_ndx]

Where <TABLE_NAME> is the name of the table we are attempting to write to. Is there a way to prevent the transaction groups attempting to write to a non-existent index column? It doesn’t seem to prevent the recording of data to the DB.

Any solution to this?

I see this error as well. SQL Bridge Module 10.1.2

Hi, No solution found for this?

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