Transaction groups, block group, item data type dataset

Hi to All,

I am sorry if this question already exists, I couldn’t find it.
I have a memory tag which data type is dataset (two columns and xx rows). I wont to use transaction groups as I will insert data from dataset tag in SQL database (table with 2 columns).
Is it possible?
I have tried a lot of different configurations and I didn’t succeed.


You cannot do this. Datasets cannot be stored to history nor included in a transaction group. If you must record a dataset, you will have to write a custom script to insert its contents to the DB row by row.

Ok. Thank you very much on your answer.
I am not surprised, but possibility to set data type to Data Set made me think that is possible.


But with block group I do not have to insert row by row in DB I can insert an Array, for example of strings?