Transaction Groups - Data Logging old values which stuck some where


We are using Transaction groups to log processed job in the database, when trigger is On, we are logging few values of that job in the database every 10 seconds. We are facing issue from last 1 month. One job processed on 3rd Sept. 22, showing in database multiple times still today. Hence back trace and found that when transaction group's trigger is ON, old values of job still logging with new job. We have deleted old transaction group created new one, also gateway restarted. However, the issue is not resolved. I believe that the last record (job processed on 3rd Sept. 22) stuck and not flush after logged in database. Please advise.
In the below screenshot red highlighted is the old job processed and blue color highlighted is the recent job record with current information.

**The system was working last 2 years without any issues. This issue started when we restarted the production server for upgrade the RAM. **

Sounds familiar. Block group? I think this is a bug that was fixed somewhere in the v8.0 or early v8.1 timeframe.

You are on an old and unsupported version of Ignition. If there are higher versions in the v7.8.x range, you might consider upgrading to a later v7.8. But really, upgrade to v8.1.