Transaction Groups don't run until Gateway Restart with error "Project is disabled"

I’m running 8.1.0 (b2020110211) on my development gateway and I’ve noticed that when creating new transaction groups, they will refuse to start with the error “Project is not enabled”. Once I restart the gateway entirely, however, they start no problem. I’m also running the trial version at the moment, so I’m not sure if it has something to do with trial resetting that could be causing the problem.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this, is the project set to inheritable? how about enabled? you can find this info on the gateway homepage > Config > Projects

Yes, the project is enabled and is not set to inheritable. I haven’t had the issue come up since, despite multiple trial resets.

Version 8.1.2 (b2021020311) I’ve also experienced the same “project is not enabled” issue with my transaction groups, below are the projects settings. To fix the issue, I have to disable and re-enable my project; the groups immediately begin running once the project is re-enabled. I was able to replicate the issue twice in a row when restarting the gateway.

I am seeing the same issue on Version 8.1.7 (b2021060314). @jacob.marcum did you ever find a resolution to this?

Thanks for asking, I started a support ticket to identify the issue. My reasoning for seeing “project is not enabled” on the transaction groups after restarting the gateway was because I didn’t realize that the SQL Bridge module wasn’t licensed (thought it was in our license package but it wasn’t). Once my trial was reset, the transaction groups began running again as expected. I did mention in my support ticket that it would provide more clarity if the status of the transaction groups would’ve said “SQL Bridge is not licensed and not in trial mode”. I don’t know if that will ever possibly be updated, but it would’ve helped me save some time troubleshooting.

If that’s not the same issue you’re having, then it might necessary to start an IA support ticket as I did.