Transaction Groups if exists update if not create

Hi everyone,

I have searched for this but can’t seem to find it. I am wondering if there is a way to use a Transaction Group (Block Group to be exact) where there are 7 groups with 300 tags each. When the transaction is triggered I would like it to search through the db for those using the recipeNum and if it doesn’t exist than create it. I know I can use “custom” in the table action area but from what I read it just updates an entry if it exists. Am I correct on this or am I doing something wrong?

key/value pairs will let you do this.

Sorry I should have mentioned I’m on ignition 7 and that isn’t available

Yes it is.


Thats what I have. Am I suppose to enable it somewhere?

Which v7?

It is V7.9.16

I see the key/value pairs exists for a standard group but not for a block group