Transaction groups not starting when a project is activated

When importing a gateway backup, there`s an option to disable the imported projects. This works as expected, but when the projects are actived later, transaction groups are not startet.
The groups status shows ‘project not activated’ until the group is manually stopped and restarted.
Ignition version is 7.6.4, imported backup was from 7.5.

Not a big problem but i thought i should let you know.

chi, so you restore disabled, then manually enable the project, and while the project is enabled and you can open it in the Designer, you see transaction groups disabled with “Project not activated” status?
If you are still experiencing the issue, could you post a screen shot?
I cannot replicate this behavior on 7.6.6 (the latest stable release at this point). Have you seen this behavior on 7.6.6?

I did a test on my 7.6.6 test system and can not reproduce this any more.

I am seeing something like this in V8.0.16:

I do not have a way of making the transaction group run…

Your project is “inheritable” - inheritable projects will not run “global” resources, only provide them to their inheritors. I would recommend extracting your transaction groups to a new project - otherwise, each project that inherits from AWO3 will end up running its own instances of Left Weld and Right Weld.

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I was going crazy over this . thanks :v: