Transaction groups problem with latched value


I created a new transaction group, but I have a problem when it shows latched value, the description is Bad_stale and the database is not created because this.

Does anyone know how the resolve this problem

I think we need more information.

  1. What do you mean by "latched value"?
  2. What are the settings of the transaction group?
  3. What is the quality of the tag in the Tag Browser?
  4. Do you mean that the quality is Bad_stale (not the Description).
  5. Do you mean that the database record is not created. (The database should already be there.

Tag quality shows as bad stale before the transaction has executed. Make sure the trigger condition for the transaction is executing. You could temporarily set it up to use a memory tag as a trigger if that makes it easier for you to manipulate it for testing purposes.

There are a couple of things to look at if the issue is that you're only seeing 1 collection while the trigger bit is high.
On the "trigger" tab on the right side of the transaction editor you'll see a checkbox for "Only Evaluate when values have changed" which could prevent collection if the things you're collecting aren't changing. Also, if you have "Execute this group on a trigger" checked you have a checkbox "Only execute once while trigger is active" and "Prevent trigger caused by group start".

If your trigger is high when you start your transaction and you have the group start trigger set it will not trigger.

Anyway, I suspect the issue you're having is somewhere on the trigger tab.