Transaction groups Schedule (Day)

Is there a way to Schedule a transaction group executions day?

Do you mean,
"Is there a way to schedule a transaction group execution on a particular day?"
"Wednesday", for example?

Yes on a particular day or a range of days let’s say Monday - Friday.

And if there isn’t a way to do this, I think it should be a feature.

Not directly within transaction groups; the scheduling pattern there is for a given day.

You could drive your group's execution off a memory tag that is itself controlled by a gateway scheduled script:

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I think this should do the trick, thanks!

{Psst! If you must use a script anyways, consider just implementing the DB operation in your script.}


How would you run the transaction group off an script?

Personally, as this would likely be used in multiple places, I would:

Make two expression tags (These are in a folder called 'Trigger')

  • DOW: day of the week (integer): getDayOfWeek(now())
  • TOD: time of day (string) dateFormat(now(), 'h:mm:ss a')

Make a Run-Always Expression Item (my example is called 'enable') with the following expression (example is Monday-Friday, 6AM-2PM:

{[Test]Trigger/DOW} > 1 &&
{[Test]Trigger/DOW} < 7 &&
timeBetween({[Test]Trigger/TOD}, '6:00:00 AM', '2:00:00 PM')

Make it your trigger for the group:


Only slightly more complex if you are using an additional item to trigger as well as enable.

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That's not what I meant. I meant to not have a transaction group, just a script that does the operations that a transaction group would do.