Transaction groups script


Does someone know why it is not possible to use the script system.groups in Ignition v 7.9.3?
I saw this script in Ignition manual, but when I write it on an event I get the following error:
object has no attribute ‘groups’



Note in the documentation that those functions have Gateway scope only. You won’t be able to use them in any client event or from the designer.


Thanks for your reply. I was a bit confused because I thought that Shared Script Library was placed in the Gateway scope. I have moved my script to a Gateway Event Script and it works fine. Now I just need to find the way to call this script from a button in my project, perhaps by a message or a Tag change. It will not be a very clean solution, but it will work. Do you have any other sugestion?

Thanks a lot!


No, shared scripts are global across all projects and all scopes (Client, Designer, Gateway).

Either would work but I would probably use a message – much more flexible and provides context on where the request comes from.

ok. Thank you very much!