Transaction Groups Start Recording and Stop Recording

Dear All,

i have problem regarding Transaction Groups.

i want to start recording from 1:00AM and stop record at 00:00PM on the same date every 1 Hour.

my problem now is transaction groups is start recording from 00:33AM and stop at 23:33PM…

so my transaction record 1 hour earlier which makes system record previous data. And also how to make sure the transaction groups start record exactly at minutes 00, like 01:00 not 01:33

please help


How do you have the execution set up?

Hi, thanks for the reply

i got it working… set up it as schedule from 00:59 to 23:59 and rate 1 hour

Hi Jordan,

I think i still have problem with the transaction group, i set the execution to 00:59-23:59 with rate 1 hour…

but i just got the data from 00:59 to 22:59, i dont see 23:59… do you have any idea?


I would set up an run-always expression item to use as a trigger (I call mine, oddly enough, Trigger).
dateExtract(now(), 'minute') = 59

Set execution to 1 second timer, and execute group on a trigger. Execute once while trigger is active, Trigger condition !=0


thanks, im going to try it, and let you know…

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it works, thanks