Transaction Groups Stopped Execution


We are running Ignition Version 8.1.7 and have just had an issue with all the Transaction Groups failing to update at the ‘Next execution’ time.

Info at time of fault;

Ignition Version: 8.1.7 (Licensed)
Module Version: 10.1.7 (SQL-Bridge)
Uptime: 3 Months
CPU: around 4%
Mem usage: Around 6 Gb
Devices: 193, 141 Running (Normal)​, Others offline (Normal).
Transaction Groups: 440, 411 Running, Others disabled, No Errors
Transaction Status: Running (All that are enabled)
Execution Scheduling: Timer (Most 5 to 10 seconds)
Trigger: Run-Always Expression (expression checking for 2 tags to be true)
Next execution time: 10 or 5 seconds after the ‘Last execution’ time (depending on the group)
Database: Online and operational.
Other: No Clock Drift.


Pause / Un-pause - Status changed to pause and back to run, group(s) did not execute.

Disabled / Enabled transaction - Status would then change to ‘Unknown, waiting for execution’, ‘Run-always’ trigger would stop updating, Last execution would not update, Transaction would show the ‘?’ mark.

Restarted Sql-Bridge (web interface) - All transaction changed to ‘Unknown, waiting for execution’ last execution would stay blank, Run-Always Expression not updating. No errors shown, No information in Logs, Next execution would show the expected timer after the module restarted. Thread dump looked good.

Restarted Server (gwcmd --restart) - Transaction Groups restarted without issue.

This is the first time I have found this issue, my team member has had the odd issue and found the disable / enable would fix.

What other options would I have to restart the group(s) with out restarting the server?
Has anyone else had a similar issue?


I would try restarting the SQL Bridge module. Probably worth reporting to support. I haven’t seen anything on the forums like it. (Fair warning–an official fix will will almost certainly require you to upgrade to latest.)

Thanks, will monitor and notify support if it happens again.