Transaction Groups Stopped

Version 8.1

All my transaction groups stopped at just after midnight today (12:36 AM).

They are block transaction groups, scheduled to run every 30 seconds and are triggered on an OPC item when the value is > 0.

Different transaction groups use different triggers, but are all configured in a similar manner. They had been running fine since they were configured 5 days ago.

Is any transaction group using runScript? And if so, any chance the script stalled on something taking “forever” ?

All items in the transaction group are either OPC tags or run always expression tags. One expression tag is now(), the other is a string constant. All the OPC items are either memory tags or plc tags. No scripts anywhere. There are a dozen of these transaction groups and they all quit logging data at about the same time.

When logging for the transaction groups is set to trace, I can see them execute every 30 seconds. However, the log indicates that the trigger tag equals 0 when in fact it is greater than 0.

Found the error (and feel pretty stupid)… When creating new groups from copy of existing, I just renamed the trigger tags, never pointed them to the correct tag.