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How do you delete a table from the server, add or change one of the column titles. I had to add another tag to my transaction group but it won’t show up in my data table. I have to create a new table which will then add it. I did not find any answers on the inductive automation university lessons either. It would also help if someone could tell me how to change the column size or center up the data in the column.

Normally one would do minor DB maintenance from your branded DB management studio, though if you know the actual SQL syntax, you can run ALTER TABLE statements from the Query Browser.

The ‘create table automatically’ checkbox in the transaction group editor will create a table from scratch with your desired columns, or add new columns to existing tables. It will not delete or rename columns, nor delete or rename tables. It will also not necessarily produce the best indexing strategy for the table, as that can vary by brand.

IA University isn’t really intended to teach database administration, and since IA supports many different DBs, it’d be rather difficult. Consult you chosen DB’s documentation/tutorials/tools/training.

This isn’t a data storage question, but a data display question. When you have the data you wish showing in a table, use the table customizer to adjust the column alignment and date/numeric formatting.

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So basically there is no function in ignition itself to remove a db table created with a transaction group without going into the server itself.

Next question, how do i reverse the order in a table so it shows the most recent addition first.

You can go to the database server or you can use the Query Browser as @pturmel mentioned, or you can use a DB management studio on your machine that’s connected to the database server, or you can write a script in Ignition. Tons of options for removing your old data. The most common use case for deleting data is to truncate after a certain period of time, and that functionality is available in the transaction group. For a one time delete such as your case, you will need to do one of the options above.

Add an ORDER BY clause, such as ORDER BY t_stamp desc

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