Transaction Groups - Target Name defaults

I would like to backup PLC tag values from multiple devices (like recipes) using a transaction group.
When I drag multiple instances of a UDT into a standard transaction group, the default Target Names and Item Names are duplicated. The duplicate target names causes an error when starting the group.


Possible solutions are to:

  1. Edit each row to make them unique
  2. Create a transaction group and table for each device and maintain them separately
  3. Write a custom script to save/restore every tag value
  4. Setup my OPC server to have unique names for each device and don’t use a UDT

A block transaction group wouldn’t work because of the array positioning dependency. It would be broken as soon as I add or remove a tag.

I would do 3. A block transaction group is the intended solution for repeating elements, but it doesn’t always fit the need.