Transaction Groups - Trigger Not Firing Properly?

I’m attempting to utilize transaction groups to block tag changes together. We have 10 assembly lines and I want to track when a new piece has been counted or the part/job has changed over. I have created a Block transaction group in order to group these together (as well as a few other accessory tags).

I’ve setup the trigger to be whenever the “Total Count”, “Job” or “Part” tags have changed, but it’s being a bit inconsistent in how it decides to fire the trigger.

Looking at just one production line (i.e. row_id = 2), it’s reporting when the target_count or the total_count chnages (even though target_count is not selected as one of the tags to trigger the group).

I would expect to see a new row whenever the total_count, product_block, or job_block changed values, but not the target_count.

Hi Joe,

Your setup looks correct to me. I set it up the same way on my machine, but it worked as expected. Was target_count accidentally placed in TotalCountBlock, ProductBlock, or JobBlock? Do you have any tags that are in TargetCountBlock that are also in one of the three trigger blocks? If a tag is in both, it will cause the transaction group to trigger.

So, yes, each production line has it’s own “total_count” tag that I want to record with the block (and they’re all in the “TotalCountBlock”). With that said, is that not the way to do it? Do I need to create a separate transaction group for each production line so that each line fires on it’s own respective “total_count” tag value-change?

In this instance, yes. Also, the separate groups will make it easier to store it in a wide format, in turn, making it easier for later queries against the table.

OK, I can see that. I guess I was hoping to have all of the data in one table so I can do a query something like “WHERE line = 1” and get all of the data for that particular line. Thanks for the help!

Nothing says you can’t. I add a column for the line/cell that is hardcoded for the group. :wink:

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Example from my setup. Mine just arbitrarily runs every 10 seconds. Other values, like line number, efficiency, etc .are in the triggered expression items.

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Perfect! Thanks, Jordan!

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