Transaction Groups vs Scripting

I want to get some feedback from others who can speak to the question should I use transaction groups or scripting?

Now I went the route of scripting for logging purposes because of indirection. I needed to log data for 500+ UDTs (of the same type) at 5 different logging rates. Also, when I say 500+, its 500 now. In the beginning it was around 200 and our users add new assets via the HMI and it creates the device and tags programmatically, no interaction with SCADA developers at all. So this seemed like the best solution because we would have to create new transaction groups every time a new asset was added.

Now that I explained why, I also did this for other assets that don’t have as many logging rates and not as many UDTs. So I can change those to transaction groups and copy/paste the groups when a new asset is created.

We’ve been having problems with our system and it may or may not be related to our logging methods, so I’m curious if its better for you system to use transaction groups instead or scripting? Or doesn’t really make a difference?